Emergency Humanitarian Aid for Ukrainian Refugees

More than 2 million Ukrainians, mostly women, children and elderly victims of the crisis, have fled their homes to escape the unprovoked Russian attack of their homeland.    

The horrific Russian invasion has forced more than 2 million Ukrainian refugees to seek safety and protection in neighbouring European countries.  We applaud the humanitarian efforts in the border countries of Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia.


About 15,000 Ukrainians have arrived in Greece to date.  There is an immediate need for food, shelter, and medical aid. 

The Hellenic Initiative Canada is working with Doctors of the World (MdM) Greece to provide humanitarian aid, medical support and other services for Ukrainians arriving in Greece.  The program will provide:

  1. access to MdM Polyclinics, shelters and mobile units in Athens, Thessaloniki and Kavala to provide food, shelter, protection and care for Ukrainians arriving in Greece
  2. medical aid and psychosocial support services
  3. material aid to Ukrainian families to help cover basic needs

The Hellenic Initiative Canada has committed $25,000 to support this program.  We are asking for your help to raise additional funds to assist MdM Greece provide medical aid and other humanitarian services for Ukrainians arriving in Greece.   

Please help us help the women, children and elderly victims of the Ukrainian crisis. 


Help us in our efforts to provide direct crisis relief to the people of Greece.

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