15 million meals offered by the Program DIATRTOFI

February 1, 2019

Update Donors & Supporters

Dear partners,

Last month we exceeded the number of 15 million meals offered by the Program DIATRTOFI. Meals which have been designed, prepared and distributed with care and love for more than 110,000 students that have participated so far in the program. This number not only demonstrated the reach of the program, which is the largest school feeding program with exclusively healthy meals that has ever been implemented in Greece, but also shows the magnitude of the impact of your contribution .

We continue with your full and inspiring support to offer healthy meals to children in need. Thank you from our hearts

The Program team DIATROFI

The variation and the introduction of new options in the weekly diet maintain lively the children’s interest for the daily meal at school. The wholemeal pizza with cheese and grilled vegetables thrilled all students this past month.

As every month, below follows an indicative diet with meals that were distributed to the schools program.

DIATRTOFI Report 2018